The Wicked West

An erotic short story! E-book only
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One Week as LoversWhen Lily Anders arrives in the dusty backcountry of Wyoming, Sheriff Tom Hale assumes she's exactly the proper English widow she appears to be. He deals with cattle thieves and wanted criminals on a daily basis; his quiet new neighbor is no concern of his...until he realizes she sees the indecent desire he's spent his whole life trying to deny.

Lily may be a demure, proper lady, but she's no innocent, and she misses the wickedness her late husband coaxed from her in bed. Sheriff Hale's calm authority sets her body on edge and inspires her darkest fantasies. If she can only find the courage to show him what she wants, they might both find what they truly need.


Sarah Frantz of Dear Author named "The Wicked West" one of her
Top Ten Books of 2009! See her review here.

If the title seems familiar, it's because "The Wicked West" is the story that Molly Jennings was writing during Talk Me Down! (Remember the Wild West sheriff with wicked needs? *nudge, nudge* Check out the hat!) So really the cover should say "Victoria Dahl writing as Molly Jennings writing as Holly Summers."

Warning: This story is a bit hotter and edgier than my previous books. There may or may not be spanking. Okay, there's definitely spanking. Forewarned is forearmed!

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